Experience Rishikesh with our Audio Guides

Holywater Hotels brings to its guests a unique offering to take your Rishikesh Experience to the next level so that you go back as an enriched traveller with stories to tell your friends and family. We bring to you 8 hours of location aware audio guided tours of 8 important spots of tourist interest in Rishikesh. This offering is ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST for Holywater Hotels guests only.

In order to access your free audio tour:

Step 1

Contact the Front Office (You can also Dial 9 from your Room) to request for a free usage link

Step 2

Click on the link received by the front office to reach the Tourio app

Step 3

The link would direct you to first download Tourio App from the Appstore or Playstore in case you already don’t have it.

Step 4

Once you are on the app, you will be able to see Rishikesh loaded in your cart. You can checkout to procure these tours. Don’t worry. The tours are free for our guests. And hence, no card details shall be required.

Step 5

You can then download any or all the 8 tours available in Rishikesh after choosing the language/ genre preference. We recommend you to download the tours when you have access to internet, perhaps at the hotel itself.

Step 6

When you reach any site, just start your audio tour.

Step 7

As you move around the site, the app would play relevant content for each important spot.

Step 8

When you are on site, a map showing points to be seen, points already covered by you etc. would be available to you.

Important things to know:
  • If you have already downloaded your tours, you don’t need access to internet on site. The offering works offline.
  • You just need to carry your earphones/ headphones and an adequately charged mobile to consume the tours.
  • You can start your tour only when yo are at the site or in very close proximity.
  • While on tour, you can listen to the content any number of times.
  • You can click photos from within the app.
  • You can take the multiple times across your stay at Rishikesh.
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